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Nanjing Hua Hua Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd.

Position posted on: 18-11-20

Nanjing Huaci Petrochemical Engineering Co. Ltd. (HCPEC) is a cooperation with many large well-known Petrochemical Company many years of engineering services and equipment suppliers, is approved by the State Ministry of construction mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering contract firms. The company has the right to import and export business, integrated automation instrumentation and electrical system has long been committed to the field of petroleum chemical industry, mechanical equipment installation and commissioning, maintenance operation, import agent work, have certain ability of new product innovation and development and manufacturing, construction project quality has won the cooperation of enterprises and Management Awards, with years of good faith and pragmatic, excellent performance, create a good reputation among the cooperative enterprises.

More than fifteen years of experience in large-scale petrochemical industry, has followed the high standards of safety and technical quality management system, master the rules of domestic and foreign standards and procedures (especially SHELL engineering design specification DEP, SPE and other technical documents).

The company has trained a staff of high quality, high efficiency and excellent technology, specializing in mechanical, instrument and electrical related fields. Staff with good safety and quality management awareness and rich engineering experience, able to work in strict accordance with the established procedures

Sequence, implementation steps, production operations.

The company has more complete engineering materials, spare parts library, has achieved ERP management and remote operation file sharing.

That company has a large number of construction machinery and equipment, electrical installation and maintenance and test tools, and is equipped with a mobile container - emergency maintenance vehicle, in order to realize all kinds of daily and unexpected matters in a timely and efficient manner, the implementation of complete and detailed processing.

Nanjing Hua Hua Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd.

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